It happens many times that we see commercials on TV that tout the competition for medications. There are many times when you don't even know what the drug is for. According to every advertisements, you are advised to go and talk to your doctor about curing medications for whatever it is that ails you. Accidentally, the side effects of each drug, although the bombing of all the information you speak about what medicine can do for you, you seldom hear such things are possible risks involved in taking. If they do mention the risks, they talk so quickly that no one knows what they said, anyway.

The tardive dyskinesia disorder first came to the attention of the medical community in 1973 when a psychiatrist noticed symptoms occurring in neuroleptic patients. No one listened to what he had watched so the anti-pychotic medications that were being used with many patients and causing problems problems continued. After several decades of discovery of the disorder, paeople are still prescribed neuroleptic drugs for psychosis and only a small fraction of people who are taking it are aware of the risks involved.

No one has ever bothered to conduct enough research on tardive dyskinesia to really know what the links are between the drugs and the disorder. The conservative estimate on how many Americans actually suffer from TD is 2 million. Where the pharmaceutical companies and doctors hoped it would stay, it's almost like the problem was pushed under the rug. If they ignore the problem that doesnt mean that the problem will disappear.

The problem does not disappear for the millions of people who are suffering from TD. This is the reason that patients or families are obtaining attorneys that handle tardive dyskinesia cases to sue drug companies and doctors to get assistance. Lip smacking, convulsive movements such as chewing, licking or frowing are some of the movements that people with TD suffer from. Other parts of the body, like the limbs and torso, can also be affected by the involuntary movements caused by TD. The rocking of the hip, the nodding of the head, shrugging of shoulders, wrist rotation and other movements that mimick piano playing are included.

Patients suffer in numerous ways from the sypmtoms of TD. Obviously, just being in groups of people when these syptomatic movements are occurring is an embarrassment. There are a lot of costs that accure when you are a patient regardless if you may or may not be about to go back to work. Exhausting,too are the movements. Try just sitting there and blinking your eyes rapidly for awhile or shrugging your shoulders over and over again. You'll soon get a feeling for what these people endure.

It's not a surprise that lots of people choose to file a lawsuit to get compensated for their expense and suffering. If you are a person who is also delayed dyskinesia, and hoped to seek compensation, you will be able to find a list of lawyers who specialized with you under similar circumstances by searching online. You really owe it to yourself to follow through.

Hire a Tardive Dyskinesia Lawyer

by admin on March 6, 2009

Do not worry, those suffering from tardive dyskinesia, a brain disorder, help is out there waiting for you. By hiring a personal injury lawyer who specializes in TD cases, you can get the assistance you need to get your life back in order. These attorneys have spent a great deal of time researching TD and its effects on those people who have used neuroleptic drugs over a long period of time, and they know the kind of help you need. This lawyer will become your best friend ever.

When TD strikes, it can be very devastating. The condition is caused by drugs damaging the section of the brain that controls movements. A protruding tongue, rapid blinking of the eyes, grimaces, and uncontrollable sucking or chewing motions of the lips and jaw,the symptoms can be very embarrassing manifesting themselves in such ways. TD can also cause the patient to have jerking limbs, should shrugs, hip swings, and other involuntary limb and torso movements. He'll know just what needs to be done to get you the proper compensation for all you've endured, when you explain your symptoms to your tardive dyskinesia lawyer.

Although you probably think of a tardive dyskinesia lawyer as being a person to handle litigation, he can do more to help you than just filing your lawsuits. While becoming a TD expert, he will have worked closely with doctors and will keep in close touch with them. Through your attorney, you will get the right medications needed to control your symptoms in get you back in control of your life.

In addition, your tardive dyskinesia lawyer will be able to put together all of the information regarding your case in order to determine if you have a legitimate claim against a pharmaceutical company or doctor. He will not sue unless there is valid reason, he will only charge you the cost of service, if he is successful in ensuring the solution for you. You have originally nothing to lose everything, thanks to litigation submitted a TD.

It's hard to tell which is the most responsible for you having developed this disorder: the pharmaceutical company who produces the drugs or the doctor who prescribed them for you. Did anyone ever tell you the risks you were taking when you took the neuroleptic drugs which were prescribed for you? Were you given any literature spelling out the possible side effects of the drug? Did your doctor discuss the risks associated with the medication before you took it. You might be entitled to restitution if your tardive dyskinesia lawyer can make the case that you were improperly advised in your own treatment and denied your legal rights.

People are filing a greater number of lawsuits on behalf of themselves or others suffering from TD, and they are winning settlements more frequently than before. If you need a compensation for what you have suffered then you need to go to the tardive dyskinesia lawyer.

Do you have tardive dyskinesia? Maybe you've been having symptoms but don't realize yet what's going on. In the disorder of brain known as Tardive dyskinesia, body parts move uncontrollably and involuntarily. If you, or a loved one, are exhibiting any involuntary movements of the face, torso, and limbs, and if you've taken neuroleptic drugs, TD is a definite possibility. After all, studies have proven that 29% of long-term neuroleptic drug users will develop some form of TD. Complications from TD have been diagnosed in patients with only three months of exposure to these drugs. Filing a tardive dyskinesia lawsuit is important for anyone in this situation.

If you are diagnoised with Tardive dyskinesia, there is a high chance that you will have it for the rest of you life even after you stop the drug. You may already have experienced embarrassment going out in public while your face keeps doing weird things. Rapid blinking and constantly suck or chew your tongue is one of the many signs of TD. People stare, children laugh, and you start never wanting to leave home and go out amongst them.

Lifestyle changes and starts suffering with no social contacts. Part of your financial difficulties will be due to your inability to work. This disease may not allow you to walk from any distance or limit you in other areas. Through no fault of your own, it is an unfortunate turn of events that your life may have gone down the tubes. Even though both the company and doctors knew the side effects, still they allowed the condition to go worse. Your initial symptoms were probably not as damaging as the treatment they gave you. To obtain help and to lead your life with at least some normalcy, you will want to file a tardive dyskinesia lawsuit.

The attorneys who decide to take these particular cases have become extremely knowledgeable about this disease. They will be able to evaluate the information in your case to determine if you have a legitimate complaint. They will file a tardive dyskinesia lawsuit in your behalf even if there are no chances to win and they will not ask for any money also. This means that you won't owe them a dime unless they're successful in getting you a settlement.

So there's a good reason why the number of tardive dyskinesia lawsuits that are being filed keeps rising, it is estimated that over 2 million Americans suffer from TD. You no longer need to isolate yourself and suffer in silence. There are ways to get what you deserve, and the best is to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you and get you your just compensation.

Acquire A Tardive Dyskinesia Lawyer

by admin on March 6, 2009

Many different medical conditions can be treated by the drug Reglan, manufactured by the Wyeth Pharmaceutical company. The medicine can come in many ways. When it comes in the form of a liquid, it is injected into chemotherapy patients to try and control their nausea. It is taken as a capsule and assists in purging what is in your stomach, for those who suffer from things like gastric reflux. Some of the more common medications the drug is used in include Maxolan, Primperan, Pylomid, Degan, and Maxeran.

Some of the side effects to look for when you are prescribed the drug Reglan are as follows: nausea, depression, irritability, constipation, diarrhea, sleepiness and of course tardive dyskinesia. The chances of patients getting tardive dyskinesia are certainly downplayed by the drug company on the ground of rare incidence; however, studies have shown that up to 29% of long-term patients of Reglan do develop the disease, though the drug continues to be used heavily in many countries. This has led to many tardive dyskinesia patients hiring lawyers knowledgeable in this disorder.

TD changes the quality of life for those who suffer from it. This disorder attacks the part of the patient's brain that controls movement which causes the person to display involuntary movements that range from embarrassing to very painful. Rapidly blinking eyes, lip distortions, lip smacking and twitching of the facial features can be caused by this central nervous system disorder. In addition, it can affect the limbs causing them to jerk uncontrollably. If a patient stops taking the medicine, they will more than likely still have the disorder for life because it is usually irreversible.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals have a claim against them because supposely they downplayed the risks that was associated with the disease. It would not be a good idea of the company to encourage patients to not take Reglan, because it brings in $27 million a year. In some cases public health is shoved aside so that someone can make a profit. Reglan tardive dyskinesia lawyers come into play in this situation.

Due to the overwhelming response from people wanting to file lawsuits, many lawyers became experts in the part Reglan plays. You will be able to search for a lawyer with expertise in litigation relating to the use of TD lot of directory services. Lawyers have the skill and knowledge to make to file a suit for you if you have made a valid claim. The great thing about a lawsuit of this type is that a payment is not necessary until a settlement is agreed to which makes anyone able to afford it.

By contacting a Reglan tardive dyskinesia lawyer, you'll be able to seek restitution for medical expenses, lost wages, and to compensate you for the pain and suffering you've endured.

Drugs May Cause Tardive Dyskinesia

by admin on March 6, 2009

Tardive Dyskinesia can be prevented but it still affects a lot of people around the world. Many doctors instead of stopping the disorder, continue the treatments that cause the patients to develop it. It is important that you are aware what TD is and how it is caused if you want to prevent it from affecting you or a loved one.

It's possible that you've never heard of this condition. The pharmaceutical companies strive the keep Tardive Dyskinesia a disorder that is not in the public awareness. The pharmaceutical company is failing to disclose the fact that some of their best-selling drugs are causing a problem. The government has regulations that they must disclose the information that TD could be one of the side effects. Doctors are also aware of what these medications can do to patients, but they continue to prescribe them. Innocent people tend to get caught in the center of terrible situations.

Tardive Dyskinesia powers the brain which makes it sensitive to dopamine. This affects the part of the brain that controls movement, causing the person to be unable to control certain movements. Your facial features become distorted with TD. An individual having the affliction is likely to make funny facial gestures, stick out his tongue, purse his lips very often, and continueously appear to be gulping or munching something. The patient's limbs can also be affected with involuntary movements like shaking or jerking.

There are a lot of different medications that can result in this disorder in a patient. The most frequently utilized are antipsychotic medications prescribed for major emotional disorders and other neuroleptic medicines given for digestive conditions.

There are also some non-neuroleptic drugs which can result in Tardive Dyskinesia. They include drugs commonly prescribed for treating depression, such as Prozac, Zoloft, Tofranil, and Elavil.

If your doctor has prescribed any of these particular medications for your condition, then you need to double check that you are on the lowest possible dose for the shortest possible amount of time. Long-term use of any of these drugs has been found to bring on the onset of TD. The moment the individuals are afflicted with this disease, it stays with them as long as they are alive, in spite of their discontinuing the drug which triggered the onset of the diease, to start with. Stopping may result in the condition going away, but it could also cause it to get worse.